Boingo releases Wi-Fi 6 network at Brazil International Airport

The Wi-Fi 6 network at BSB will make it possible for applications like mobile boarding passes and cashless food and drink deals

Boingo Wireless has actually released high-speed Wi-Fi 6 network throughout the Brasília International Airport ( BSB), Brazil’s 3rd busiest airport, with approximately 13 million travelers going through each year. The network extends throughout the airport’s public areas, terminals and throughout the tarmac.

Wi-Fi 6 has an optimal capacity speeds of approximately 40% greater compared to Wi-Fi 5 — a 6.1 Gbps increase– thanks to more effective information encoding. And while this speed is more of a theoretical optimum, another function called Orthogonal Frequency Department Several Gain Access To, or OFDMA, makes it possible for that 9.6 Gbps to be broken up throughout an entire network of gadgets, leading to more speed for each gadget on the network, making it perfect for busy environments like hectic airports.

Wi-Fi 6 likewise has actually an enhanced variation of multi-user or MU-MIMO that lets gadgets react to the cordless gain access to point at the very same time that includes several antennas, which let the gain access to point talk with several gadgets simultaneously. With Wi-Fi 5, the gain access to point might talk with gadgets at the very same time, however those gadgets could not react at the very same time.

The Wi-Fi 6 network at BSB is being for a range of applications consisting of mobile boarding passes, cashless food and drink deals, rideshare services and streaming apps.

” From mobile boarding passes to digital wayfinding to downloading a film at eviction, Boingo Wi-Fi 6 powers many linked gadgets at hectic airports with higher capability and speed,” stated Boingo Chief Commercial Officer Michael Zeto. “Boingo’s next generation network at BSB improves the guest experience, while powering vital airport operations consisting of on the tarmac where airplane are parked, packed, refueled, boarded and kept.”

For included end-user benefit, Boingo’s assembled Wi-Fi services are crafted with Passpoint innovation, which enhances Wi-Fi gain access to and gets rid of the requirement for users to discover and validate a network each time they go to and makes it possible for providers to effortlessly unload cellular traffic.

At the start of this year, Boingo released a comparable converged network at Newark Liberty International Airport’s (EWR) brand-new Terminal A, which opened on January 12 and covers 1 million square feet.

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