U.S. Army Awards South 8 Technologies $550,000 to Increase Battery Security for Soldiers

U.S. Army Awards South 8 Technologies $550,000 to Increase Battery Security for Soldiers

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Cleantech San Diego member South 8 Technologies, designers of an unique melted gas electrolyte (LiGas ®) for the next generation of safe and high-performance lithium-ion batteries, and NanoGraf, an innovative battery products business and enabler of the world’s most energy-dense lithium-ion 18650 cell, have actually gotten a joint $550,000 award from the U.S. Army Battle Capabilities Advancement Command (DEVCOM) to combine NanoGraf’s 3.8 Ah 18650 cell with South 8’s electrolyte for cold temperature level and security screening.

Soldiers bring upwards of 25 pounds of batteries throughout objectives, and in some cases require to have backups as some batteries carry out inadequately in severe climate condition or after being physically harmed.

The DoD award will money a six-month task to make certain batteries with NanoGraf and South 8’s innovation decrease or remove disastrous failure when exposed to severe temperature levels or nail penetration, in accordance with MIL-PRF-32383 ( Military Efficiency Requirements). Effective conclusion of the screening will verify the severe cold temperature level efficiency of the cell and keep existing capability and cycle life, enabling the cell to run down to -60 degrees, and approximately +60 celsius and pass the security test. NanoGraf’s M38 18650 cell can presently run down to -30 celsius.

Presently Li-ion cells are afflicted by bad low temperature level capability and experience thermal runaway at heats or when crushed/punctured. Integrating NanoGraf and South8 innovations has the prospective to ease both conditions, yielding a cell with couple of downsides in regards to efficiency or security.

” We’re delighted about this current grant, as it supplies a lot more efficiency distinction for our Department of Defense client,” stated Dr. Francis Wang, CEO of NanoGraf. “Including the security and cold temperature level test with South 8 additional extends NanoGraf’s efficiency profile from other industrial cells.”

This financing begins the heels of some significant turning points for both NanoGraf and South 8. In March of 2023, NanoGraf revealed an oversubscribed Series B financing round of $65 million. In November of 2022, the business was granted a $10 million agreement from the U.S. Federal government to establish the very first sophisticated silicon anode production center in the Midwest. In January of 2023, South 8 was granted $3.15 million by the Department of Energy to take part in its American Low-Carbon Living (EVs4ALL) program.

” We are delighted for the chance to deal with NanoGraf towards a business cell that integrates our 2 distinguishing innovations into one effective item,” stated Cyrus Rustomji, CEO and co-founder of South 8 Technologies. “The Department of Defense and NanoGraf are unbelievable partners, and we’re enjoyed be working towards improving soldier abilities throughout vital objectives in progressively harder environments.

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