ADU 01164: How Do I Autonomously Release/Land My Drone On a Flatbed Truck?

These days’s query is ready launching/touchdown a drone autonomously from a flatbed truck.

Our caller for these days, Renn is from Australia and has known as in with an enchanting query that has now not been requested on Ask Drone U earlier than. Renn’s query is ready launching/touchdown a drone autonomously from a flatbed truck.

On these days’s display, we provide two answers to assist Renn out. First, you’re going to find out about a tethered drone device that may be flown from a shifting car. The following answer is especially cutting edge as this era can be utilized to autonomously fly DJI drones.

We additionally speculate how self sufficient flying can be utilized to noticeably scale up powerline inspections and drone deliveries amongst different issues. For all this and far, a lot more, music in to our newest display now. Thank you for the good query, Renn. Fly Secure!

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  • [01:22]These days’s display is subsidized by way of our new flight college, PROPS
  • [02:57]These days’s query is ready touchdown/launching autonomously from a flatbed truck
  • [04:43]What are some conceivable end-use instances for launching autonomously from a flatbed truck?
  • [09:10]Paul stocks information about a tethered drone device that may be introduced from a flatbed truck
  • [09:50]New era for autonomously flying DJI drones

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