SNU scientists establish AI for sleep apnea medical diagnosis

A brand-new AI design for identifying sleep apnea has actually been established by a research study group at Seoul National University Bundang Health Center.

The deep knowing design analyses cephalograms, concentrating on the tongue and its surrounding structures, which are extremely connected with sleep apnea.

Based upon a press declaration, the design was established utilizing head and neck x-ray image information of 5,591 clients at SNUBH. It was then checked in a research study, which discovered it to be extremely precise in identifying sleep apnea.


Around a billion individuals aged 30 and above internationally have actually been approximated to have sleep apnea, and this number is not far from reducing. Its frequency and development connect to increased detection and other danger aspects, such as weight problems and craniofacial and upper respiratory tract problems.

According to the SNUBH research study group, there are constraints to present screening tests readily available in the market for identifying sleep apnea. Some have low precision rates, while others might not appropriate for usage in multi-person settings.

For this factor, they established their AI design to additional enhance early medical diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea while being basic and low-cost.


A research study group from Japan is likewise utilizing AI to study sleeping conditions and determine digital biomarkers associated with them. 4 H and Aculys Pharma have actually started this research study with the goal of developing a thorough sleep environment to enhance individuals’s quality of sleep.

On the other hand, a mobile phone-based sleep apnea test called SleepCheck Rx by Australian business ResApp got the United States FDA’s 510( k) clearance in 2015. The app screens for apnea by evaluating records of breathing and snore noises.

Likewise, Singaporean smartwatch brand name BUZUD has actually just recently included oxygen saturation measurement to its smartwatch items, supplying an ability to determine and track sleep patterns for determining sleep apnea.

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