Take This Appearance: A Small Parisian Living Space with an Uncluttered Spirit

In the Opera community of Paris, Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann of Heju Studio were hired to refurbish an 800 square foot home Making use of the owners’ fondness for the English countryside, Heju made use of natural colors and contemporary design to counterbalance the classical Parisian quality of the structure. With a “minimalist and uncluttered spirit,” as Heju discusses, the little living location is created with simply the correct amount of furnishings and color. Here, we note the crucial elements to recreate the appearance.

heju studios apartment lorette paris living room 164 Above: A little couch and easy chair set the tone for the area, with brand-new European classics chosen throughout. Picture from Heju


ressource paints pop01 brilliant white 165 Above: For a comparable white, attempt Ressource Paints POP01 Dazzling White
ressource paints 125 velours tilleul 166 Above: A comparable shade of green is the Ressource 125 Velours Tilleul paint color.


caravane holi sofa 180 167 Above: The Caravane Holi Couch 180 is readily available through Caravane in the UK.
jaime hayon &tradition catch jh13 lounge chair 168 Above: The && Custom Capture JH13 Easy Chair is created by Jaime Hayon; $2,815 at Danish Style Shop.
jaime hayon &tradition palette jh7 coffee table 169 Above: Developed by Jaime Hayon for && Custom, the Scheme JH7 Coffee Table is $2,365 at Danish Style Shop.
india mahdavi tabouret pico table 170 Above: The India Mahdavi Tabouret Pico Table in pink is EUR459 at Artcurial. The Tabouret Pico Table in White is EUR70 at Daytime.


marketset large mobile rattan pendant light screen 171 Above: The Marketset Screen XL Chandelier in Natural is $900 at Lumens.
menu jwda floor lamp travertine brushed brass 172 Above: The Menu JWDA Flooring Light in Travertine and Brushed Brass is $1,999.95 at Burke Design.


hay peas carpet dark grey 173 Above: For a rug in a comparable shade, the Hay Peas Carpet in Dark Grey is $699.16 at Connox.
ferm living verso table vase cream 174 Above: For another vase with wavy kind, the Ferm Living Verso Table Vase in Cream is $135 at Ferm Living.

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