ADU 01192: Will I Run Into Any Problems If I Fly With an Old Drone Battery?

Today, we share some expert drone battery maintenance tips to ensure a safe flight.

Our caller for today, Derek from Ohio was finding it difficult to fly his Phantom 4 Pro in GPS mode. But no sooner did he replace his old drone battery with a new one, all his flight issues disappeared immediately.

So, Derek is wondering if he can accurately predict his drone battery life, and prevent such issues going forward. Among other things, we reveal the four rules of takeoff and the voltage at which you should immediately bring your drone back home. Thanks for the great question, Derek. Fly Safe!

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  • [00:30]Today’s show is brought to you our in-person Flight Mastery and Operations class
  • [05:53]Today’s question is about drone battery life
  • [08:20]Will an old battery result in an improper flight?
  • [09:22]The 3 rules of takeoff that every drone
  • [10:22]Can you accurately determine your battery life and the number of flights that you can still fly?
  • [11:00]At what voltage should you bring your drone back home?

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