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Twitter for sure is having a rough time as a platform. Globally, the app and the platform feels a little slow, especially when you try to view videos. Moreover, the number of outages or glitches that have cropped up over the last two months is also disconcerting.

Twitter faces another massive outage in Australia, NZ, questions arise about the platform’s health

Twitter has been having several issues since October of last year, since Elon Musk tookover. The numerous outages, glitches and snags is disconcerting, with users questioning whether the platform is healthy, or is struggling to keep up. Image Credit: Twitter

Twitter users in Australia and New Zealand faced a massive outage of Twitter services. Users reported issues with the Twitter app and website started to be reported en masse in Australia and New Zealand, according to Down Detector. Outages appeared to begin at 6:39 AM AEST.

Users complained that the services on the platform were sporadic in nature and that their inbox and feed would glitch out inexplicably.

From a technical standpoint, the network has recently been less reliable; last Wednesday, there was a massive outage of the platform after Musk made some major modifications to the backend server architecture. This caused at least half of Twitter users, unable to log in to their accounts, and others to be unable to check their timelines.

This is the second time in about a week that Twitter suffered from a massive outage. The previous outage was a global one.

Back when Musk had started laying off people, and forcing key technicians out of the company, former employees had predicted that people who could troubleshoot and manage the platform’s running had left Twitter and that the platform was just a few missteps away from a massive technical failure.

These forewarnings seem to be coming true. Furthermore, there is also the fact that Musk has been trying to cut costs and has therefore stopped paying rent for the office spaces they rent. As a result, Twitter has had to shut down several data centres which has caused the load of users to be redistributed disproportionally.

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