Barclays Interview Experience for Internship (2022-23)

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Barclays came to the college offering two months of internship with a stipend. It came around November or December 2022

1st ROUND:

  • First round was an MCQ test. 30 MCQ questions based on computer fundamentals, SQL queries, DBMS, pseudo-code, etc. Most of the questions were to find the output of the program and the programs were based on OOPS.
  • 2 coding questions were there. 1 of 20 marks and the other 50 marks. I solved all the MCQ and one coding question (with all test cases passed).
  • 20 marks coding question was HTTPS://

I will advise that keep your concentration on MCQs… That will help… If you solve one code is also enough. But MCQs play a major part so don’t skip MCQs.

Out off 300 students they selected 50 students for further rounds.

1st Technical Round: This round was about 40 mins.

  • The interviewer was quiet and friendly. He was mainly focused on my resume.
  • He asked me about my projects and was only focused on projects.
  • He asked me a lot of questions about the security of the project, the frameworks used and why did I use those frameworks.
  • He asked me OOPS concept and asked me to explain inheritance in detail.
  • Then he moved to DBMS questions as I had one project based on SQL.
  • He asked me about every concept of DBMS. Keys, Normalization, some queries, Entities, and how I did the projects. He asked me about the workflow of the project.
  • Then he asked some basic DSA questions like the implementation of the list, queue, etc.

PS: Make sure you be very very efficient with your resume. And your Projects.

  • He also asked me about my extra curriculum as I have mentioned the Sanskrit language he asked me to speak about it.
  • At last, he asked me if I had some questions for him. Be very good to answer this and ask at least one question which is different
  • Also, go through Barclay’s website and study about the Rises values of Barclays. And it’s over????

There was no HR round.

After 1 week the result got declared. A total of 50 students appeared for the interview 30 got selected and I was one of them…

All the Best Guys.

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