macos – Forcefully reformat USB drive

I have a 64 GB USB3.0 thumb stick, totally empty, that was formatted according to Windows NTFS, but had some problem in its format (it kept freezing Windows programs that tried to read it in any way, e.g. just for storage capacity information).

I plugged it into my macbook, it was recognised, and I could look inside of its directory structure in Finder (but it was considered read-only). I used Disk Utility to “Erase” it (I think that’s what to do to reformat). I chose “ExFAT” from the dropdown menu.

It was stuck on the first stage, “Unmounting”, a cyclic progress bar, no progress reported, for 5 minutes. I just unplugged it. Now, plugging it back into my laptop, it doesn’t show up in Disk Utility at all, nor Finder, nor ls /Volumes.

How can I forcefully reset the USB at this point?

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