Hello World: Join the New Rockset Developer Community

At Rockset, we work hard to build developer tools (as well as APIs and SDKs) that allow you to easily consume semi-structured data using SQL and run sub-second queries on real-time data. You automatically get our Converged Index™, which unifies indexing, sub-second query latency on terabytes of nested data, real-time data ingestion for mere seconds in data latency, and much more. This allows real-time analytics to be accessible to any developer in a matter of minutes (don’t take my word for it, check out our quickstart guide!)

While we’ve got many other great resources, we wanted to go a step further and build a supportive, informative, and fun environment for you to talk about real-time analytics. We created different tools and programs for you to chat about topics that surround the real-time ecosystem or get answers to specific technical questions about Rockset with low latency — no pun intended 😉. Here are some things that are being set into motion 🏃‍♀️:

We’re saying au revoir 🌛 to Slack and rebranding Live Chat

Slack and Live Chat was great when we were kickstarting our community. It allowed us to easily chat with you and help answer all of your support questions in a matter of seconds. As we grow our developer community, it’ll be essential to preserve questions and answers so other developers can benefit from the knowledge. It’ll also be beneficial to search through topics of interest, which Live Chat doesn’t provide, and is challenging to do in Slack. At the end of the month, Slack will sunset. Starting today, Live Chat will only be used for SQL-specific questions.

Kickstarting ⚡️ the Rockset Community Forum

You can join the Rockset community here: https://community.rockset.com/. In the community, we’ll be sharing topics related to product releases, blogs, events, memes, and more. We’ll also have our engineering team actively monitoring the forums from 9am PT – 5pm PT, where support questions will be answered within minutes, as they were in Live Chat. The only change is going forward, other developers will be able to search and benefit from everyone’s questions and answers. We believe this will help build a more supportive Rockset community. The Rockset community forum will be divided into four categories:

  • What’s new

    • This is where we release new events, conferences, blogs, product release notes, and much more.
  • Open Q&A

    • This is where you can ask technical questions surrounding topics like API and SDKs, data connectors, SQL questions, visualization tools, and anything else!
  • Product Feedback

    • As you’re using the clients and console, feel free to share suggestions on how we can better improve your experiences!
  • Random

    • We love memes and thoughtful articles about tech in general. If you find something you want to share, this is the place!


Say 👋 to our developer mascot

🥁 please….. Welcome Ferro to Rockset. Ferro is an arctic stoat that’ll be Rockset’s iconic mascot. Ferro is loveable and friendly, but also extremely nimble, curious, and lover of all things real-time. You’ll see Ferro hanging around the Rockset Community, appearing in our videos and our conferences as well!


Launching 📢 the Real-time Rockstar Program

The Real-time Rockstars are thought leaders in real-time data and analytics. They help the community by sharing knowledge and experiences with technologies that include serverless, cloud-native, data infrastructure, and much more. You can find these Real-time Rockstars in the Rockset community, social channels, and conferences!

I want to welcome you to our first cohort of Real-time Rockstars who are pioneering and defining what real-time is:

David Serna

David is the Chief Data Officer at eGoGames, the first European mobile esports platform. David is passionate about data and has so much to share about his experiences using real-time analytics in eGoGames to detect fraud and match players in real-time.


Rick Blalock

Rick built Fish Rules, an app that quickly went from a hobby project to a company! Fish Rules gives fishers a deeper understanding of fishing regulations in different regions of the U.S. They have state and federal customers such as NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), FWC (Florida Wildlife Commission), and more! Rick plans on using real-time analytics at Fish Rules to get insights and create live dashboards of what is going on in different areas of the ocean.


Ben Rogojan

Ben has spent his career focused on all forms of data. He consults with companies in multiple industries, helping them develop their data infrastructure and solutions. He has helped design and develop end-to-end data solutions, migrated company’s data pipelines from batch to streaming, and helped improve companies overall usage of data. He’s always sharing helpful tidbits about data engineering!


Yaron Levi

Yaron is the Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Rumble, a wellness app. Rumble empowers users to convert their steps into reward tokens, which can then be redeemed for prizes. As Yaron and his team grew Rumble from a few users to over a million, he has some deep insights into how real-time leaderboards and data revolutionized the company.


Rockset’s community is just getting started 🚀 . Here are some resources to learn more about real-time analytics and Rockset:

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