Alex Palou motors at Mid-Ohio for 3rd win in a row

LEXINGTON, Ohio– The more he and his rivals declare IndyCar‘s 2023 champion is wide-open, the more Alex Palou extends his lead, which looks overwhelming.

As IndyCar passed the middle of the season Sunday in its ninth race, the 2021 series champ got his 4th win in 5 races and 3rd in a row, a hot streak the series hasn’t seen in more than 3 years.

Here’s how Palou rode towards success at the end of IndyCar’s 80-lapper at Mid-Ohio.

Alex Palou gets an edge in the pits

As it did a week back, where Roadway America pole-sitter and late leader Colton Herta appeared to take his last pitstop one lap too early, rest stop technique showed essential as Palou got the lead– and never ever let it go.

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