Off The Clock: Hiring Caregivers/Therapists

Back to work next week, however I’m off the clock with an individual note today:

I’m hiring several speech/memory or physical therapists to deal with my better half Juanita. Here’s the LinkedIn statement

I’m pleased with the efficiency of the nurse’s assistant and 2 expert therapists (both from Fox Rehabilitation) who have actually been dealing with my better half. The exceptional arise from them and 2 volunteers who have actually been dealing with my better half have actually persuaded me she may benefit much more from extra treatment. I’m doubling down.

I offer the following to assist possible prospects choose if this task might be best for them:

  1. The text of a 2024 New Year’s Day household upgrade, offered at the bottom of this post or in the formatted PDF variation with pictures, offered through a Dropbox link.
  2. A link to the Facebook account where I publish one upgrade about my better half each week.
  3. A number of videos revealing Juanita communicating with the worked with nurse’s assistant who assists me look after Juanita:

Juanita Lawson mentor somebody to play a preferred card video game.

Juanita Lawson with worked with caretaker.

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2024 Lawson Household Update

Considering that Juanita got ill, it’s been hard to remain in touch with family members and good friends. I’m sending this upgrade to those who have actually inquired about her or sent us Christmas cards:

Juanita was hospitalized in September 2021 with sleeping sickness (brain swelling). This impacted her memory and speech. After 6 weeks at Inova Fairfax Medical facility and 2 months at Fairfax Rehab and Nursing Center, I brought her home in December 2021. While Juanita still has a long method to go, she continues to enhance.

Her physical condition is excellent. She strolls a two-mile course around her preferred lake 3 or more times a week. She performs what medical professionals call activities of day-to-day living with very little help and likewise does things like cleaning meals and cutting up vegetables and fruits. She assisted prepare this Brand-new Year Household Update.

Juanita has “proficient aphasia.” She speaks easily and normally can make clear basic concepts quite well. When attempting to interact more complicated concepts it’s frequently tough to comprehend her, considering that she utilizes what medical professionals call non words. Considering that we have actually been wed 50 years, I can often inform what she is attempting to state. She is far better than many people at detail-oriented jobs like jigsaw puzzles, find-the-difference puzzles and likes to teach others to play her preferred computer game.

Memory is her most significant issue. She has difficulty with long term and short-term recall. Her speech/memory therapist sees her as soon as a week. She just recently accredited Juanita for 2 extra months of treatment, which is motivating considering that Medicare needs evidence than a client is still enhancing before they will spend for extra treatment. Her physical therapist sees two times a week.

I am blessed to have other assistance, consisting of an employed nurse’s assistant who works 40 hours a week, often doing therapy-type activities like puzzles, video games or viewing television or films with her. 2 volunteers see for other therapy-type activities on a lot of weeks. Other next-door neighbors and good friends visit her from time to time.

The very best news is that Juanita’s character stays the very same. She is pleasant and delights in talking, which indicates that visitors like to see her. She puts others’ interests ahead of her own. For instance, when strolling just recently on a blustery 29-degree day she declined to let me provide her my knit cap due to the fact that she did not desire me to be cold. She does whatever she can do to assist others. For instance, when her worked with caretaker hurt her ankle in a fall, Juanita fasted to inform not to move, assure her she would be okay, bring her pillows for cushioning, whatever she might do.

Crucial, she maintains her nearly childish capability for delight. When she likes a dining establishment, she truly likes the dining establishment. When she likes a ballgame, she truly likes the ballgame. When she likes a joke, she truly likes the joke. It’s constantly a pleasure to be around her.

My Facebook account ( has one post a week about Juanita. Follow us if you are refraining from doing so currently. Remarks and responses published there assist her indirectly.

Jerry Lawson
5406 Kinnerly Court
Burke, VA 22015

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