GTM 77: Structure a Top-Down Sales Method While Preserving a Bottoms-Up Technique with Leena Joshi

Leena Joshi is Co-Founder & & CEO of CloseFactor, a GTM technique and execution platform that assists business tech focus on the precise right potential consumers and accelerates their conversion by assisting your sales and marketing groups be contextually pertinent to them.

She has actually led GTM groups at high scale B2B business such as Splunk, VMware, Redis and has a special viewpoint on the merging of sales and marketing into an effective, high carrying out GTM company.

What You Will Find Out:

  • The distinctions in go-to-market movements throughout various phases of companies.
  • The style for the year is go-to-market merging.
  • Leena’s experience discovering the best go-to-market movement at CloseFactor.
  • Producing an outgoing movement through incoming tracking.
  • How offering worth is a strategy that is working for CloseFactor.


( 14:08) Preserving concentrate on the ICP in the early days, consisting of turning income down

( 23:13) The value of interest and a newbie’s frame of mind.

( 25:38) Discovering a leader who has your back.

( 28:19) Structure a top-down sales technique while keeping a bottoms-up method

( 32:28) The value of employing the best salesmen and stabilizing long-lasting and short-term thinking in sales.

( 32:56) Something income leaders think to be real that Leena believes is bull$ *

( 36:03) Something that is working for Leena in go-to-market today.

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