How to enjoy age-restricted material on YouTube without checking in to your Google account

Do you utilize YouTube without checking in to your account? Have you ever discover an age-restricted video that triggers you to visit to enjoy the material? We have some workarounds for this inconvenience.

Videos on YouTube can have age-restrictions based upon the material in the media, e.g. violence, nudity, troubling images, blasphemy, and so on, which are not suitable for kids. Martin has a tutorial that reveals you how to gain access to age-restricted material on YouTube, however it needs you to check in to your Google account. I’m going to reveal you a couple of methods to bypass these constraints without utilizing a Google account.

Since Google began revealing anti advertisement block banners on YouTube, I have actually been utilizing the streaming service without finalizing in to my account. I produced a different container for YouTube on Firefox, and have actually been utilizing it since. I reset my PC just recently, and lost some settings that I had actually conserved in some applications, consisting of some personalizations and tweaks that I had actually used to the web browser. Today, I opened YouTube to enjoy the Designer Direct 2024 video that was streamed last night, to see the brand-new video games that were revealed at the Xbox display occasion. However, YouTube asked me to check in to my account, since it is an age limited video.

Sign in to confirm your age - YouTube

Yeah, I’m refraining from doing that. That’s when I remembered I had actually forgotten to establish some userscripts in Violentmonkey, a userscript supervisor extension for internet browsers.

How to enjoy age-restricted material on YouTube without checking in to your Google account

Very first approach – With a userscript

The very first approach includes utilizing an userscript called Easy YouTube Age Constraint Bypass. Here’s how to install it in Firefox and Chrome.

1. Set up among the following extensions: Violentmonkey ( Firefox, Chrome), Greasemonkey or FireMonkey

2. Go to the GitHub page for Easy YouTube Age Constraint Bypass, and scroll down to the userscript area to get the link for the userscript. Click it.

how to Install Simple YouTube Age Restriction Bypass

3. Your userscript supervisor will open a brand-new tab, where you can select to set up the script. Do so.

Install Simple YouTube Age Restriction Bypass

4. That’s it, you can now access age-restricted material on YouTube even when you are not checked in to your account.

Caution: Do NOT utilize Tampermonkey. It is closed source (not upgraded considering that v2.9 in 2013). I suggest Violentmonkey, or Greasemonkey or FireMonkey. All 3 extensions are open source, however just Violentmonkey is offered for Firefox and Chrome, the other 2 add-ons are just offered for Firefox.

Note: According to the author of the userscript, the script utilizes a proxy to open some video info, however it does not send your individual information to the server (no IP Address or account information are sent out). Just the video ID and some info like the variation of the YouTube site. I can not access the personal privacy policy of the proxy’s server, it tosses a mistake.

Approach 2 – Utilizing YouTube customers

If you do not wish to utilize the script, there are some alternative manner ins which you can enjoy age-restricted videos by means of Piped, FreeTube or Invidious or NewPipe.

Piped – Piped is a privacy-friendly YouTube frontend that you can access by means of any web internet browser on any os, and enjoy videos without advertisements. Just paste the URL of a YouTube video, or utilize the search bar to discover the video that you desire and enjoy it. It even shows the remarks from YouTube. Example:

Piped YouTube front-end privacy friendly

Invidious – It resembles Piped, however Invidious has a number of circumstances (servers) around the world. Select a server, paste a URL or look for a video, and the gamer will open the limited video for you. Example:

Invidious YouTube front-end privacy friendly

FreeTube – FreeTube is a YouTube app for Windows, macOS and Linux. The open source program obstructs advertisements and sponsored areas on YouTube, and lets you enjoy age-restricted videos without an account. You can likewise utilize the app to download videos.

FreeTube YouTube client for Windows Linux and macOS

NewPipe – NewPipe is an open source YouTube customer for Android gadgets. It permits you to enjoy videos without advertisements, and likewise gets rid of age-restrictions immediately. The app can be utilized to download videos or audio material from the streaming service.

NewPipe YouTube client for Android

Yattee – Yattee is a YouTube customer for iOS, iPadOS macOS and tvOS. Follow the guidelines offered here to set up the open source app and configure it to deal with your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Television. The app is based upon Piped.

Yattee YouTube client for Android

Note: Add-ons like Avoid Redirect might hinder the third-party services like Invidious and open the video on YouTube. You can whitelist the websites in the add-on’s settings to avoid the problem from taking place.


How to watch age-restricted content on YouTube without signing in to your Google account

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How to enjoy age-restricted material on YouTube without checking in to your Google account


We reveal you how to open access to age-restricted material on YouTube.




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