4 Sustainable Destinations to See Whales

Humans may be the dominant species of mammals on Earth, but sometimes we can be reminded about other species we share our green dot. Elephants are the largest mammals on land, but even such giants are dwarfed by whales of all sorts and sizes. Our planet consists of about 75% water, and within live countless whales, all mammoths of the underwater world. We can only observe and bask in their greatness once they appear before us, and when they do, we are reminded of how humble we should be. The where and how is what we are about to reveal and help you out!

1. Peak of Gibraltar in Spain

Spain is a vibrant country full of incredible people, culture, cuisine, music and adventures. On its peak, Gibraltar guards the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea and stands between it and the Atlantic Ocean. On Gibraltar, you can see all sorts of wonders. From getting a peak of Africa to ethical whale watching. From July to August, you can see fin whales, and sperm whales on the coasts of Gibraltar and enjoy seeing their migration to the south. 

Dolphins are common enough, but we strongly suggest going with any of the organised and ethical tours available, so you don’t miss out on any fun and have a fruitful event! From Tarifa and La Línea, you will always find boats with tour guides that will ensure an unforgettable time!

2. Wild Hermanus in South Africa

Cape Town is the peak of South Africa, offering a safe jumping point to adventures in all directions. Above you lies the wild, untamed and exotic land mass of Africa. And all around is the same but underwater! Hermanus is just short of 70 miles near Cape Town, and if you come here from June to December, you will be treated to all sorts of rare whale species. Southern Right whales, Humpback and Bryde’s whales are all here in the mentioned period to provide unforgettable adventure! 

3. Exotic Western Australia

Continuing from Africa’s southernmost point, jump over the Indian Ocean, and you will land in Western Australia. Land of incredibly diverse landscapes, fine wine, culture and adventure, Australia has something for everyone. Experiencing it first-hand by visiting Perth and making it your starting haven. Setting your gaze to the horizon and embarking on an organised and professional whale watching from Perth starts the adventure as it’s meant to be! 

Ethical, safe and sustainable tours are available from July to October when you can watch the humpback whale migration and contribute to the local economy. Ethical and sustainable whale watching in Perth depends on supporting local and certified whale tours, which can show you how to respect and admire these incredible creatures without causing any harm to the environment. Following such practices remind us that we all share the same plant and the importance of being conscious about one’s surroundings. Education and adventures go hand in hand when you are in rural Australia, which helps connect us with Mother Nature.

4. Wild Vancouver Island in Canada

 Orca, grey, humpback and minke make their pit stop in rugged and cold Canada. Vancouver is one of the highlights of this great country, where you can find unique whale sights from March to September and experience the myriad of sea mammals frolicking on the coast of Vancouver Island. In March you can participate in the Pacific Rim Whale festival, which is an experience you will never forget, guaranteeing multiple visits. All of the tourist activities in Vancouver, from festivals to organised and sustainable whale watches contribute to the preservation of Canada’s wildlife. 

Each part of Canada’s long coasts needs our help to remain beautiful and intact for hordes of whales that make it to the shores. Witnessing large schools of mammals travelling around Islands, and reefs and speeding thru the open sea will make you realise their importance. Preserving such sights for future generations ensures the longevity of the species and lets us learn an important lesson. Having fun, learning something new and contributing to the planet is all possible, all we have to do is not forget whales, and we are equal in the circle of life.

Mother Nature was generous enough to supply Earth with unfathomable riches. Sights and species that we can only gaze at in awe are living their life to the best of their capabilities. All we have to do is not to intrude on whales and other marine life but do our best to preserve their lifestyle, natural habitats and future. By doing so, we are also helping our species within the same areas. The sooner we start, the sooner will these underwater giants appreciate our help!

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