BONUS: Interview with Andrew Ashur, founder of Lucid Drone Technology and the story of Lucid Drone Tech and emerging trends in the cleaning and maintenance industry

Today’s show is a special one as we are joined by Lucid Drone Technologies founder, Andrew Ashur. Andrew shares the Lucid Drone story informing us of the journey, its mission and the road ahead for the company. Paul and Bobby discuss specifics of business and the industry as a whole, talking about what are Lucid drone, how they came into existence and how the drones are revolutionizing the cleaning and maintenance industry. Andrew also shares his story on the start up story and how Lucid Drones are gearing up for new applications. Andrew also talks about business growth and scaling business discussing about networking and customer focus and how Ycombinator provided the support to the company over its initial years.

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[O:55] Today’s guest, Andrew Ashur from Lucid Technologies

[1:13] What are LUCID drones and What do they do?

[2:05] How Lucid drones are empowering cleaning and maintenance industry

[3:33] How Lucid drones got started

[5:20] Lucid drone build and drone systems

[6:09] Andrew shares his experience of starting Lucid drones

[7:17] What are the other applications for Lucid Drones and what next for Lucid drones?

[11:04] How can Lucid drone evolve in the coming years?

[16:00] Andrew shares his thoughts on Ycombinator, entrepreneurship and startups and the LUCID journey so far

[22:00] How Lucid works with its team on building products and scaling technology

[33:30] Andrew shares his thoughts on scaling a business, networking and keeping a strong customer focus

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