ADU 01170: Which is the Best Software for Generating Accurate Drone Maps and Avoiding Legal Liabilities?

Today we compare different drone mapping software and reveal the most accurate option so that you can avoid any legal liabilities.

Our caller for Trav is from Australia and has a question about drone mapping. And specifically, drone mapping software. Trav wants to know which processing software can produce the most accurate drone maps so that he avoid any legal liabilities.

Great question, Trav. This question is particularly relevant to drone uses like surveying. More and more drone pilots are getting into trouble with Surveying Boards when they don’t follow the right systems and workflows.

On today’s show, while we recommend the best mapping software option for Trav, we also reveal some best practices so that you can avoid human error, inaccuracies, and the ensuing legal liabilities. Thanks for the great question. Fly Safe!

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  • [01:28]How will DJI’s new FPV drone impact the drone industry as a whole?
  • [04:39]Following the right systems and workflows for avoiding legal liabilities
  • [07:33]Today’s question is about drone mapping accuracy
  • [10:47]Accurate drone maps are a function of mapping engines and human skills
  • [12:25]The correct way to mark a GCP
  • [15:00]Understanding GSD
  • [17:36]As per statistical research, which is the most accurate processing engine
  • [20:09]Why it is imperative to zoom in when marking GCP’s
  • [21:06]Understanding ellipsoid error and how to minimize it
  • [23:10]Which is the most popular point cloud constructor?
  • [23:10]Is Drone Deploy more accurate than Pix4D when it comes to building orthomosaics?
  • [23:54]Pix4D Desktop vs. Pix4D Cloud – which is the best option for generating accurate drone maps?
  • [24:39]Why are so many drone pilots getting into trouble with the Board of Surveyors?
  • [31:55]Some more tips for generating accurate drone maps


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