BONUS: Lemur by BRINC Drones – A Unique Public Safety Drone with a Wide Range of Applications

Today’s show is a special one as we are joined by Angad from Brinc Drones who explains to us the powerful capabilities of their newest drone, Lemur.

Lemur is a public safety drone with a difference. This heavily accessorized drone can be used as a law enforcement drone, as a firefighting drone, and by SWAT teams to conduct their operations with greater efficiency and safety.

One of the biggest USPs of this drone is its ability to fly in confined spaces. This Lidar-based drone comes with night vision and can be repaired easily in case you ram it into a wall. And that’s not all. You can even break glass, drop payloads, and open doors with the Lemur. The Lemur is powered by a Li-ion battery – which gives you a longer flight time. And is a far safer option compared to LiPo batteries. So, don’t miss this special show.

Tune in to learn more about this pathbreaking product designed by BRINC drones!

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  • [00:30]We welcome Angad to the show
  • [02:12]Learn about BRINC drones and their incredible law enforcement drone, LEMUR
  • [05:48]What happens if the Lemur rams into a wall?
  • [06:22]Does the Lemur come with night vision?
  • [06:58]Is this a drone that can be fixed easily?
  • [07:26]You can even open doors using the Lemur’s battering ram
  • [08:12]Why the Lemur is a much better alternative to ground robots
  • [10:00]Do law enforcement officers need training before flying the Lemur?
  • [10:52]Why the Lemur can prove to be an indispensable accessory for SWAT teams
  • [12:47]The Lemur – a far better alternative to ground robots
  • [17:40]The terrestrial robot mount for scouting non-navigable airspace
  • [19:34]How the Lemur was designed after extensive research during SWAT call outs
  • [20:27]Another extremely useful accessory – the payload dropper
  • [21:50]Lighting up the tactical scene using the Lemur
  • [23:15]An elegant solution to break glass and ventilate buildings during structural fires
  • [25:40]Why a Li-ion drone battery is a better, safer option compared to the traditional LiPo batteries
  • [27:32]And that’s not it – Lemur is the only drone in the world with two-way communication

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